4 Weeks of Healthy Holiday Habits

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Wouldn’t you like to stay on your health track this holiday season? Don’t let your health and fat loss goals slip away?


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Do you struggle with stress eating during the holidays? Wouldn’t you like support in making healthy food choices during this hectic time of year?

Are you ready to learn how to eat consciously as you navigate your way through each party and family gathering and keep stress to a minimum? Let’s keep you on track for your health and wellness goals.

The Simple Health Team is ready to teach you how to incorporate lifestyle skills of choosing this food and not that food for your health! Below you will find a sampling of what we will teach you during the next 30 days:

  • Learn to stay on track and eat healthy this holiday season
  • Tips for healthy eating at holiday parties
  • Learn to combat stress coming into holidays
  • American Diabetes month
  • Navigating Around the Thanksgiving Table
  • Bring Your Own Foods that Work for Your Health
  • Eat Mindfully
  • Eliminate Peer pressure When Eating With Family and Friends
  • Tips for Planning and Preparing Meals on the Run
  • Healthy Nutrition Meals in 15 Minutes or Less
  • Avoid Thanksgiving stress
  • Combat Holiday Stress with Joyful Activities
  • Learn When to Say No
  • Preventative Health Tips
  • Learn How Not to Stress Eat
  • Thanksgiving recipes

TODAY is the day to start incorporating healthy lifestyle techniques during this frenzied time of year. Commit to the next 30 days! Join Dr. Donahue and the Simple Health team by learning how to eat mindfully, navigate your way through parties and family gatherings and, most importantly, how not to stress eat.

Join Simple Health TODAY. We want you to be successful with your health and wellness goals this season. See you in the Membership Group.

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