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Join Us in December to Learn the SECRET to a HEALTHIER you.

Don’t let the GRINCH steal your health—> HO HO HO your way to healthy by changing your definition of deprivation.


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Are you someone who gives to other before you give to yourself? Do you struggle having time for your needs? If yes, this program is for you!

The Simple Health Team is here to teach you how to learn the SECRET to a healthier you! We will coach you how to change your definition of deprivation and provide tools you can utilize on the run to take care of YOU this season. Below we have attached a few of the topics that will be discussed this month:

  • Self Giving Program
    • Holiday Food Choices
    • Cash or Credit for Healthy Foods
    • Stay Healthy During the Holidays
    • Get Rest this Holiday Season
    • Diffusing Holiday Tension
    • Keep Your Hunger, Energy, Cravings on Target
    • Get Out and Move
    • Tips to Combat Holiday Stress
    • Building a Foundation
    • What Effect Can Stress Cause on Your Body?
    • Easy Snack Ideas with Your Busy Holiday Schedule
    • Food Combining

TODAY is the day to start taking care of YOU! We are here to assist you in being successful with your health and wellness goals this hectic time of year. See you in the “Simple Health Membership Group”.

Health and Healing the SIMPLE WAY!

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Remember there is no better TIME than the PRESENT to invest in your health and wellness!