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Millions of people in the United States have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling well rested.

Fortunately there are many healthy ways to create a better sleeping environment, improve the quality of your sleep and get more sleep.

 “You don’t have to settle for a restless night when a good night’s sleep is within your reach,” said Dr. Holly Donahue, a naturopathic doctor in New Hampshire for more than 15 years. “There is so much you can do to ‘succeed’ at better sleep.”

Using extensive experience gained in her Dover-based clinical practice, Cura’ Naturale Therapeutic Healing, Donahue has developed the customized five-week online Simple Health Sleep Training Program. The natural-based program incorporates practical, easy-to-follow advice, videos and online work to guide someone to a better night’s sleep.

 “We live in such a stimulating world that it’s hard to shut off our minds and calm our nervous systems so we can really get a restful sleep,” Donahue said. “For many people it takes a concerted mindful approach to make the transition from the pace of the real world to true relaxation.”

DOVER – The Dover Chamber has welcomed Cura’ Naturale and Simple Health to downtown Dover with a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony.
“Our mission is to be a trusted local resource for natural healthcare and wellness,” said Dr. Holly Donahue, N.D., a board certified naturopathic doctor who has been practicing in the Seacoast for 15 years. “We are especially skilled at helping patients with chronic and seasonal illnesses, stress and lifestyle related disorders and imbalances in the body.”