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Thank you for visiting the Simple Health, Inc. site (the "Site"). We want each visitor to the Site ("you") to use the site as informational health and wellness points and enjoy the experience of your visit here on the Site, the following terms and conditions have been established so that you know what to expect from Simple Health, Inc. and we know what to expect from you. By using the Simple Health, Inc. site you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth within here. Simple Health, Inc. may make changes to the Site from time to time to enhance your experience and learning, these Terms of Use will remain the same, or the policies and conditions that govern the use of the Site at any time. Simple Health, Inc. would like you to review the Site and these terms periodically for any updates or changes so you will always be aware of our terms and conditions set forth within. As you continual use the Site, you will be confirming your acceptance of any changes and there does not need to be statements sent to you confirming a notice of any changes.

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You have chosen to use this Site, therefore, you are accepting to give accurate, current and comprehensive information as asked for during the checkout process and membership joining that prompts you for personal information, accurate billing and address information. You are asked to maintain any updated billing and address information in order to have updated and accurate information at all times on the Site. If you choose to provide information that is not accurate, not truthful, not current or not complete, or Simple Health, Inc. has any possible reasonable grounds to suspect that the information you provided is not accurate, not truthful, not current, or not complete, Simple Health, Inc. may delay or prevent the use of your account and may decline you to continue to use all current and future items provided on this Site. Your billing and address information and any other information provided by you on this Site about you are subject to our Privacy Policy as seen under a separate link called “Privacy Policy”.

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Copyright Laws for Simple Health

Simple Health, Inc. will allow you to copy electronically and to print in hard copy portions of this Site in order for you to understand your membership programs, confirm or place an order with Simple Health, Inc. or to utilize the Site as a tool for shopping health care products and membership information on this site. Simple Health, Inc. does not allow you to share programs with other individuals, other than those that are members, for the use of understanding what is being taught to you during the program duration. Materials that are found being shared with non-members from you may inhibit you to continue to use the Site. Any other use of materials on this Web site for reproduction purposes other than those noted above without the prior written permission of Simple Health, Inc., is prohibited. All material and information presented by Simple Health, Inc. is intended to be used for informational purposes only and should never be used as health advice. Always check with your current Health Care Practitioner before taking products by mouth or externally. Please see the separate link marked “Disclaimer”, if you have any questions at all. The statements placed on this site regarding products or membership discussions have not been evaluated by the United State Food and Drug Administration, otherwise known as, the US FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. It is extremely important that you continually consult with your own Medical physician, Naturopathic doctor, or other health care practitioner that are stated on this Simple Health Site.


Thank you for using this Site and your interest in the products and memberships that are displayed for sale. You should know, however, that while we believe in the value of the products displayed, that WE DO NOT EXPRESSLY OR IMPLIEDLY WARRANT PRODUCTS DISPLAYED FOR THEIR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR YOUR PARTICULAR USE. Your use of the products and memberships displayed on this site is entirely your decision. You should rely on your own medical physician, naturopathic doctor or health care practitioner in deciding on the use of the products or information discussed on this Site. Warranties, if any, come from the manufacturers of the products and not from this site. Any links provided on this Site are not an endorsement of the content on these sites so linked but are provided to you as INFORMATIONAL TOOLS only. Before ordering such products or membership fees, you must check the box at check out attesting that you have read and implicitly agree to this disclaimer.

You are agreeing that the use of this Site is at your SOLE RISK. None of the members, affiliates, officers, directors or employees, third party content, merchants warrant that the Site will be completely error free or be uninterrupted at any time for updates or other issues. You also realize that the results you read for information purposes only, cannot be claimed as reliable or accurate information for you to obtain the exact same results as others. You agree that this Site is to be used as is and Simple Health, Inc. does not make any guarantees or warrantees on this site.

The information in this website is intended for educational, informational and general purposes only. The content provided here by Simple Health, Inc. might not be completely comprehensive with all the topics and information provided. The articles and information discussed in this website are not intended to replace obtaining medical assessments and treatments from a doctor or healthcare provider when medically indicated. Simple Health, Inc. places files on this website that are downloadable. Every attempt has been made to ensure the files are in a downloadable format and no viruses are present to prevent destructive properties. Simple Health, Inc. is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or costs arising from the use of this website.

Limitation of Liability

You agree to NOT hold Simple Health, Inc, our officers, director, subsidiaries, other partners, and/or employees, liable for any claim, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the information and content you submit or transmit through the Site, the utilization of the Site, your breach of the Terms of Use while using the Site, or your violation of any rights related to the Simple Health, Inc. Site.

Our Rights

Customer service is an extremely important part of Simple Health, Inc. We want all customers to have a valuable experience on the Site, therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to sell products to any individuals or companies if it appears that the products are purchased for the intention of resale. Quantities may also be limited regarding the items being purchased from the purchaser/customer.

We have the right to monitor this site electronically for any reason we feel by law. We may also release information to any legal entity that is required by the US law, if we are required to do so.

Applicable Laws

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General Information

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Simple Health, Inc. and govern the use of the Site.

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