90 Days to a Healthier You


Get on track to lose weight in just 90 days! This program has everything you need to take control of your nutrition, lose weight, increase energy and boost your overall wellness.

Try our Healthy Fat Loss program – made SPECIFICALLY for YOU

Isn’t it frustrating to hear so many confusing messages regarding the best fat loss programs on the market today!? Which fat loss program has outstanding reviews and results? Which program should you join so you get lasting results based on your goals along with being healthy and supporting the body? Individuals want a nutrition plan that fits into their lifestyle and this plan needs to support them with their goals. There is no “BEST FAT LOSS” program. The most successful program is the one where nutrition, lifestyle and behavior modification changes are made specifically for the individual based on their genetics. Where patients are taught tips on daily eating and living.

Can you imagine having a Naturopathic Doctor to support you with your body transformation?

Effective, lasting fat loss is best done under the supervision of a fat loss doctor, whom also acts as your “fat loss coach.” A thorough understanding of physiology and how the human body works is essential to tailoring the best weight loss programs. Individuals experience positive results when their plan considers fat loss rather than the conventional weight loss. In doing so, the whole body is considered, including the physical, physiological, spiritual and mental functions of the body. Weight is just a number and not a great marker of health. Too many diets starve the body, break down muscle, and create hormonal imbalances. 

This is an Individualized & Personalized Fat Loss Program Designed – Just For You

In-person Program (Based in Dover, NH)

What you get:

Physician Focused – meet with Dr. Holly Donahue at the start of your program to review goals and set up specific nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan.

4 Body Composition Analysis Readings (1 at the beginning of your program and 1 every month)
What is a BIA? A lean body mass measurement tool that provides the practitioner with your individualized body composition i.e. fluid inside the cell, fluid outside the cell, fat mass %, muscle mass, total body water, basal metabolic rate, and phase angle. This will be the tool that is utilized to develop your initial nutrition plan and will be evaluated monthly to see your body composition changes over the course of 3 months.

Macronutrients Breakdown
Macronutrients include protein, carbohydrates and fats. These will be given to you based off your BIA above and this is what you will target and track throughout the program

Nutrition Plan Booklet created specifically for your goals
Recipe Suggestions based on nutrition plan

Nutrition and Lifestyle Support
Meet w/Dr. Donahue to follow up on nutrition plan and goals 1 month into program

Therapeutic Treatments to Support Fat Loss

  • 3 Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • 3 Footbath Therapy
  • 3 Hydromassage Therapies

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Are You Ready to Begin Your Fat Loss Journey TODAY?

90 Days to a Healthier You


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