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Dr. Holly Donahue

In my own life and in the 10-plus years I’ve been a licensed naturopathic doctor, I’ve seen first-hand how we can make better choices for better outcomes with our health.

That’s why we started Simple Health. I want this to be your go-to resource for healthy living.

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“I was told by doctors when I was 20 that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30. Now, with the help of Dr. Donahue, I’m 53 and I’ve run three marathons.”

90 Days to a Healthier You

Get on track to lose weight in just 90 days! This program has everything you need to take control of your nutrition, lose weight, increase energy and boost your overall wellness.

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Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

This program will walk you through the best practices for healthy food shopping, making better meal choices and even stocking a pantry that will set you on a course for success in your everyday eating.

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21 Days to Detox

Remove toxins and restore your digestive system to healthy functioning in only 21 days with this detoxification and cleansing program! All products needed for the cleanse and detoxification are included in the program cost ($150 value).

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Sleep Training to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Dr. Holly Donahue developed this program after years of treating patients whose health was affected by not getting good quality sleep. And you know you feel better when you get a good night’s sleep.

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Simple Health teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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