Are You Fully Aware of Your Thoughts and Emotions?

Feb 4, 2020 | Healthy Living

There is an inner dialogue within each of you.  Your personal dialogue consists of thoughts and emotions that have been present with you throughout your life.  There is a pattern and repetition of how you react to situations.  This has been learned from your caregivers and others around you for many years.  It is time for you to become aware of your inner dialogue so you can help guide your choices to reactions.

The ability to choose how you think about yourself allows you to be able to react to outside situations.  While people’s comments and events can trigger dreadful reactions, they are not the cause of them.  It is how you have trained your thoughts and what you tell yourself, which happens on a subconscious level, when reacting to uncomfortable situations.  It is essential for you to develop awareness of what you think rather than have your emotions be in charge.  When this occurs, you become in charge of your behaviors.

Clean up your internal mind and become aware of your emotions.  Emotions are part of an emotional state, which are triggered via a specific stimulus and occurs internally.  The emotion is dependent on how the individual responds to the stimulus.  Examples of emotions can be depression, grief, anger, fear, happiness, love, etc.

You have a very powerful mind/body connection within each of you.  Thoughts and feelings not only occur in the brain but every system in your body.  Feelings and thoughts can limit you or even cause illness.  For the body to remain healthy, work on being kind with both thoughts and emotions.  Always remember that your body believes every word you say.

Sending you healing thoughts as you process and become aware of your thoughts and emotions along with how these affect your health and wellness goals.  Keep up the great work!  Next we will discuss how to build self-confidence and letting go of self-doubt.  Remember, if you want us to talk about a particular subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are missing many of you on our Facebook page — Please join us!