How to Be the Person You Want to Be

Feb 3, 2020 | Healthy Living

Do you wish you could be different?  Do you want to love more?  Be more honest?  Be more kind?  Be more dependable?  Do you want to be more attractive?  Do you have a desire to be healthier than you are?  Do you want to be a better family member?  Do you want to rework whom you represent in this world?

You may have many aspects of yourself that you dislike and want to modify.  The steps to becoming the person you want to be are simple yet, actually, doing the work may not be easy.  The work is the most complicating part of change.  It will take continuous commitment and persistence for you to make healthy changes for yourself.  You have to WANT the change.

Here are some steps that will help you be the person you want to be:

  1. Recognize the change you want to make in yourself.
  2. Imagine what this change would look like and begin to manifest the change.
  3. Keep an open and clear mind.
  4. Create boundaries with individuals around you. Remember you are in charge of yourself and can only control what you say.  If you feel uncomfortable at all, step away from the situation by excusing yourself.  You have the power within to do this, though, it might feel overwhelming at first and maybe even uncomfortable.
  5. Experiment various ways to create the change until you find the way that works for you. This would include evaluating your habits and adjust them as needed.  You may find yourself in uncomfortable situations but remember it is a learning experience for you.
  6. Don’t put limits on yourself. Be open to what the world has to offer.
  7. Be gentle with yourself. Be cognizant of your self-talk.  Think positive thoughts as you step out of your comfort zone.  Remember that your body believes every word you say so be sure to speak kind to yourself and from your heart.  Have compassion when you feel you have made an error and know you can do it differently next time around.
  8. Realize that change also takes support. Trust in those individuals that want to see you change and be a better person.  Change takes courage so your support system will help you rally and give you the strength to move on.

Altering your habits will take practice and commitment.  Rehearse with people you feel safe with and who will love you for who you are.  Be patient and kind to yourself when you have a mishap.  It will take time for the change to stick.   The more you practice, the more you will be able to be successful with your goals.  Always remember your end goal.  This will help you stay focused.

You are doing a fantastic job!  We do hope this year is bringing you great happiness and success in all you set out to do.  Don’t forget to reach out to us, if you need support or have questions.  We are always looking for your ideas in what you want to learn about.  Our door is always open.

Join us next time when we discuss how to fully be aware of your emotional self.