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SOLO E-MAIL #1 for EXPERTS for Fall Sugar Detox

Subject: Unlock Peak Performance: The Sugar Connection You Never Knew!

Preview: Discover the hidden sugars lurking in your meals. Join us and unveil the secrets to a truly transformative nutrition journey!

Hello {First_Name},

I’d like to virtually introduce you to one of my respected colleagues, Dr. Holly Donahue.

Dr. Donahue is a naturopathic doctor and founder of two natural healing companies, Simple Health, Inc., and Cura’ Naturale Therapeutic Healing.

She is a leader, who has worked with a team of practitioners for years to overcome the obstacles and stressors in her own life to achieve her optimal health and peak performance. That’s no small feat, while balancing managing two businesses, with caring for her patients, and maintaining a social and active life rich with family and friends.

Her life’s goal has been to share that same kind of personal and professional well-being with others. To help her with that mission, Dr. Donahue and her team are bringing together 20+ health practitioners, life coaches and healers in an upcoming online Summit, Health Mastery for Leaders and High Performers.

I’d like to offer you a complimentary ticket to attend. You can register using this link SPEAKER AFFILIATE LINK HERE

You will be able to watch, on your schedule, from your home, office or even on the go.

How it works:

Starting October 16th thru 27th, we will be sending you daily e-mails to your inbox. These e-mails will include interviews of natural wellness practitioners and professionals who are going to walk you through detoxing sugar from your body.

You’ll also get a copy of the Speaker Dashboard in your e-mail, so you’ll know what to speaker to expect and when,.

It’s as easy as that.

Remember, these experts have spent years focusing on the unique challenges of high performers and leaders in enhancing their personal and professional well-being!

You’ll Be Inspired!

  • Reach your full potential with successful innovative strategies, tips and advice from experienced practitioners, life coaches and healers specifically tailored for high performers and leaders.
  • Set the course of your health journey based on real conversations and the personal stories of how others have changed their lives and the health of their patients and clients
  • Enhance your personal and professional well-being with proven techniques and tools that have optimized the lives of other high performers.

You’ll Learn About:

  • The Science of Sugar: Delve deep into how sugar interacts with our brain, especially its role in releasing dopamine – the pleasure and reward neurotransmitter.
  • Unraveling the Sweet Chain: Explore how consistent sugar intake can lead to a significant dependency, affecting our mood and energy levels.
  • Facing the Sugar Blues: Recognize the challenging withdrawal symptoms of reducing sugar, from intense cravings to mood swings and beyond.
  • Blueprint to Break Free: Equip yourself with strategies to overcome sugar reliance, discovering alternative sources of pleasure, forging new coping mechanisms, and understanding the importance of gradual reduction for a smoother transition.
  • Dopamine & Desserts: Explore the connection between sugar and dopamine, revealing how our brain’s reward system can inadvertently drive our choices.
  • Sugar’s Subtle Shackles: Recognize the journey from occasional treats to dependency and its impact on cognitive clarity and emotional resilience.

These interviews are concise, to-the-point conversations with practitioners, healers and health coaches exploring techniques for healing the WHOLE BODY and teaching you ways to remove sugar from your daily nutrition, to stop the sugar addiction and cravings once and for all!

Become a more aware and resilient leader by understanding the intricate dance between sugar and your wellbeing!

Are you ready to break free from your sugar addiction and improve your health so you can live in a body you love and be holiday ready?  

Join the Fall Sugar Detox TODAY!

So let me ask you this, what are you waiting for?

Register with your complimentary ticket here

Health and JOY,


SOLO E-MAIL #2 for EXPERTS for Fall Sugar Detox

Subject:The Silent Saboteur: Unmask Sugar’s Hold on Your Leadership

Preview: Peel back the layers on sugar’s discreet impact on your leadership prowess. Dive in and reclaim your edge

Hello {First_Name},

Have you ever considered the unseen factors that may be holding back your potential? It’s time to spotlight one such saboteur – sugar. I’m thrilled to bring forward an extraordinary colleague and expert, Dr. Holly Donahue, who’s on a mission to unmask sugar’s influence.

Dr. Donahue, a trailblazer in naturopathic healing, is at the helm of two revolutionary ventures, Simple Health, Inc., and Cura’ Naturale Therapeutic Healing. Balancing the reins of two businesses, an active practice, and a dynamic personal life, she’s a living testament to achieving peak performance without letting hidden health barriers hold her back.

Her ambition? To arm you with the knowledge and tools that transformed her life. Dr. Donahue, with a cohort of several  seasoned health professionals and life strategists, is orchestrating the online Summit, Health Mastery for Leaders and High Performers.

And guess what? I’ve secured a VIP pass just for you! [Get your ticket with this special link: SPEAKER AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Dive in from wherever you are, on your time. Here’s the deal:

  • October 16th thru 27th – Mark these dates on your calendar! The interviews with global health professionals and practitioners will be delivered to your inbox, delving into the challenge and solution of sugar detox and how to live in a healthy body this holiday season.
  • Stay Updated – We’ve got you covered. A tailored Speaker Dashboard will be in your inbox, so you’re always in the know of what speakers will be in your inbox for the day.

But why should you tune in?

  • Tailored Knowledge: These professionals have spent years honing strategies for leaders and high performers. They know your challenges, and they have the solutions.
  • Real-Life Transformations: Witness genuine stories of metamorphosis from both practitioners and their clients. If they can, so can you!
  • Unlock Performance: Sugar’s influence is pervasive. Understand its grip on your brain, your energy, and even your leadership potential. Then, get the blueprint to break free.

Remember, we’re talking about actionable, no-fluff sessions focused on natural healing, emphasizing the eradication of sugar and processed foods from your daily life. No more relentless cravings or the hidden havoc sugar wreaks on your body causing extra inflammation and weight gain..

Want to stride into the holidays with a renewed vigor and a body that radiates health? Time to get on board with the Fall Sugar Detox.

So, I’ll pop the question: Ready to unshackle from sugar’s grasp?

[Grab your complimentary access here: LINK FOR SPEAKER HERE]

To a brighter, healthier and happier future by consuming less sugar!

So much love, light, health and JOY,


Newsletter Blurb for EXPERTS for Fall Sugar Detox

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: The Fall Sugar Detox Challenge! 🍂

Hello [First_ Name],

The holiday season is just around the corner, bringing with it joy, gatherings, and… a myriad of tempting treats. But what if this year, you could dive into the festivities with boundless energy, unwavering focus, and unparalleled peace?

Hidden sugars in our daily diets can stealthily impact our cognitive functions, mood, and overall well-being. As leaders like yourself, the repercussions can ripple, influencing decision-making, team interactions, and your personal drive.

This is why I’ve reserved a special ticket in your name for the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders Fall Sugar Detox’. 🎟️ It’s an exclusive invitation to elevate your leadership journey and prepare your body and mind for the holidays. This transformative experience promises balance, rejuvenation, and the assurance to lead from the forefront.

 Seats are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Click here – SPEAKER AFFILIATE LINK HERE to claim your ticket and step into a season of clarity, vitality, and leadership excellence.

Are you ready to embrace the holiday season with a body you cherish and a mind at peace? Act now, and let’s set forth on this invigorating journey together.

To a brighter, healthier you this holiday season!

So much love, health and JOY,

Dr. Holly Donahue

Social Media for EXPERTS for Fall Sugar Detox


Facebook Post 1:

🍭 Did you know sugar craving is as real and potent as any drug addiction? When you consume sugar, it gives an instant rush, soon followed by a dip, leading your cells to crave even more sugar. Just as we nurture our minds, it’s essential to nourish and understand our bodies. Stay tuned as I share health strategies to combat these cravings and embrace the body you inhabit. 🌟 Elevate your health game! Join us for the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online summit October 16 thru 27th. Don’t miss out – reserve your seat today! #SugarCravings #HealthyLiving #LoveYourBody #LeadWithHealth

Facebook Post 2:

📊 Shocking Fact: 4 in 10 adults suffer from insulin resistance, a condition that can escalate to pre-diabetes or even Type 2 diabetes. However, there’s hope. While conventional solutions might emphasize medications, the reality is that early detection can lead to healing. I’m excited to share insights on reversing these conditions, understanding blood sugar, and its effects on our overall health. Together, let’s prevent or heal diabetes before it’s TOO LATE! 🌟 Elevate your health game by joining the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online summit October 16 thru 27th. #KnowYourNumbers #PreventDiabetes #HealthFirst #LeadWithHealth

Facebook Post 3:

🧠 Alzheimer’s, often referred to as Type 3 diabetes, is directly linked to sugar addiction. With 37 million adults affected by diabetes, it’s crucial to recognize the risks and educate ourselves. Let’s challenge the norm that having type 2 diabetes is okay. Instead, learn how to safeguard against it and break free from sugar’s chains. Watch out for my upcoming posts where I’ll share health strategies for a happier, healthier life! 🌟 Join the conversation at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online summit this October 16 thru 27th. #BeatSugarAddiction #Type3Diabetes #HealthyBrainHealthyLife #LeadWithHealth

Facebook Post 4:

🧠 Dopamine: Our body’s natural “reward” chemical. But did you know that frequent triggers, like excess sugar, can hijack this system leading to addiction and intensified cravings? It’s not just about the sugar rush; it’s a deeper play of hormones and neurotransmitters. Moreover, these addictive patterns can cause hidden inflammation in our bodies, acting as silent destroyers of our health. Let’s dive deeper into understanding this intricate connection and find ways to reclaim control over our well-being. 🌟 Get insights and strategies at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online show October 16 thru 27th. #DopamineConnection #CravingsControl #InflammationInsights #LeadWithHealth


Instagram Post 1:

📸 [Image: A crystal sugar cube dissolving in a glass of water]


“Sugar isn’t just a sweet treat; it’s a rollercoaster for our emotions and health. 🍭 Dive deep with me as we explore how sugar influences our bodies and minds. Ready to master your health? Dive deeper with us at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online show October 16 thru 27th. Secure your spot now! #SugarCravings #BodyMindConnection #NourishToFlourish #HealthMasterySummit”

Instagram Post 2:

📸 [Image: A graphic showcasing a statistic – “4 in 10 adults with insulin resistance”]


“Statistics are more than numbers; they’re stories of real people. 📊 Let’s reshape our health narratives by understanding our bodies better. Swipe right for tips on reversing these numbers! And don’t forget to join us at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online show this October 16 thru 27th. #KnowYourBody #DiabetesAwareness #HealFromWithin #HealthMasterySummit”

Instagram Post 3:

📸 [Image: A brain outlined with sugar crystals on one side and fresh greens on the other]


“Did you know there’s a link between sugar and our brain health? 🧠➡️🍬 Alzheimer’s, termed as ‘Type 3 diabetes,’ can be linked to our sugar habits. Swipe for steps to break free and protect your brain! Plus, uncover more at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online show October 16 thru 27th. #BrainHealthMatters #SugarFreeLife #ProtectYourMind #HealthMasterySummit”

Instagram Post 4:

📸 [Image: Two sides of a brain – one vibrant and glowing, the other dull and with chains representing addiction]


“Dopamine – our joy and reward molecule. But too much of a good thing? It can lead to addiction and unwanted cravings. 🧠✨ Hidden inflammation might be lurking due to our lifestyle choices. Let’s unite to understand and reset our dopamine balance! Swipe for insights. And for an in-depth exploration, join us at the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders’ online show on October 16 thru 27th. #DopamineDilemma #CraveControl #HealthReimagined #HealthMasteryOnlineShow”

Linked In

LinkedIn Post 1:

📌 The Silent Impact of Sugar on Leaders:

Being a leader isn’t just about strategic vision and managing teams. It’s also about self-management and understanding the nuances of our body. Did you know that sugar can significantly affect your energy levels, focus, and decision-making abilities? As the holiday season approaches, make a conscious choice to detoxify and prime your body for the challenges ahead. 💡 Join the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders Fall Sugar Detox’ and step into the holiday season with confidence, peace, and vigor. Secure your spot today! Health Mastery for Leaders Online Show is October 16 thru 27th. #LeadershipWellness #FallSugarDetox #ElevateYourHealth

LinkedIn Post 2:

🌟 Health & Leadership Go Hand-In-Hand:

What’s the connection between effective leadership and sugar? More than you might think! Sugar can play tricks on our cognitive functions, mood, and overall well-being. If you’re aiming for peak performance this holiday season, it starts with nurturing your body. ✨ Ready for a transformation? Sign up for the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders Fall Sugar Detox’. Feel rejuvenated, at peace, and make this holiday season your best one yet! Health Mastery for Leaders Online Show is October 16 thru 27th #LeadFromWithin #SugarDetoxChallenge #LeadershipGoals

LinkedIn Post 3:

💼 Leaders: Are you Ready to Elevate your Game this Holiday Season?

Your body is your greatest asset. Yet, the hidden sugars in our diets can lead to energy crashes, focus lapses, and more. As leaders, let’s equip ourselves not just with skills but with optimum health. 🍂 Dive into the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders Fall Sugar Detox’ and ensure you’re at your peak performance, feeling amazing as the holidays approach. Register now and experience the transformation! Health Mastery for Leaders Online Show October 16 thru 27th #HealthMastery #FallDetox #LeadershipExcellence

LinkedIn Post 4:

🔍 Unmasking the Sugar Effect on Leaders:

Behind every successful leader is not just a resilient mind, but a healthy body. With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to shed the hidden weight of sugar from our diets. Not only will you feel lighter, but also more focused, peaceful, and ready for any challenge. 🎯 Prep yourself for the festive season with the ‘Health Mastery for Leaders Fall Sugar Detox’ October 16th thru 27th. Commit today to a healthier, happier you! #LeadWithVitality #SugarDetoxJourney #BeTheChange

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CPC | Wellness Expert

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2nd Generation Chiropractor

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Health|Life Coach

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MPH RN, Certified Health Coach

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Autoimmune Functional Medicine MD

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