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Dive deep into the realm of holistic wellness. The Wellness Advantage Elite Access Upgrade offers a treasure trove of benefits designed to uplift and guide your health journey, including:

Exclusive One-on-One Hour with Dr. Donahue: Get personalized advice and have all your questions addressed directly by an expert.

Handouts on Essential Health Topics to Step Into Health & Harmony:

  • 7 Simple Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally: Natural strategies to manage blood sugar
  • 7 Rituals to Destress: rituals tailored for high performers
  • 7 Herbs that Help Control Blood Sugar: Guide to herbs that aid in blood sugar regulation
  • Mastering Glycemic Balance: The Essential Vegetable Guide: Comprehensive lists of Category 1 & 2 vegetables
  • Clean and Healthy Eating for Macro Support: A definitive guide on portioning and choosing the right foods for your plate
  • 7 Top Foods That Create Energy and Improve Metabolism: Boost your vitality with a list of foods known for their energizing properties and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Unrestricted Lifetime Access: Revisit expert discussions and breakthrough sessions anytime with lifetime access to all show recordings.


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