Stay Balanced

Feb 26, 2020 | Healthy Living

12 Tips to Find Balance in Diet, Exercise, and Emotional Self-Care

Throughout the month we have looked at ways to increase wellness of mind and body. From eating wisely to using yoga or Qi Gong as part of an overall health care plan, we have tried to provide new information and ideas.  Hopefully you have been able to try some of our suggestions and are feeling extra committed to your health goals.

Last time we touched on changing negative core beliefs about yourself.  This is one of the most important steps you can take to further your goals.  Many of us were brought up to believe we were unworthy.  This belief has to change.  Not only are you very worthy, but you have every right in the universe to take care of yourself and be healthy.  This may seem like a novel idea, but trust that it is true.

As you progress toward your goals and begin to see and feel the rewards of your hard work, remember that balance is the key.  When you achieve balance between diet, exercise, and emotional self-care, you will experience increased rewards in all areas of your life.

As we close out the month of February, here are 12 things to remember as you work toward balance:


  • Design your meals around vegetables and lean protein. Combing a variety of fresh or steamed veggies provides the most health benefits.
  • Plan ahead for healthy snacks. Keep veggie slices in single serving to-go containers so when you are in a hurry they are easy to grab.
  • Remember to choose foods that are closest to their natural form to avoid the additives in processed foods and to get the maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Drink lots of water. Shoot for at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day.  The best goal is half of your body weight in ounces.


  • Incorporate exercise in daily routines. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further from your destination, do stretching exercises when you are at the computer or watching television.
  • Get outside as often as you can. Winter is almost over and the fresh air and sun will boost your mood when you take a walk around your neighborhood, in the woods, or to visit a friend.
  • Spice up your exercise routine with some of the tips we provided in the “Get Your Move On” blog two weeks ago.
  • Try some of the heart healthy gentle exercises found in yoga and qigong. These are easily modifiable for those who have not exercised in a while.

Emotional Self-Care:

  • Use daily affirmations to remind yourself you are worth the effort it takes to improve your health. Work toward changing those negative core beliefs and you will begin to experience increased self-love.
  • Nurture yourself daily. Whether this means a long soak in the tub with essential oils, a massage, or a nap on the couch, these things are important to include in your repertoire.  Taking care of yourself goes a long way toward loving and accepting yourself.
  • Consider using meditation, chakra work, deep breathing exercises, or guided imagery to improve your mood and feel more deeply connected to your inner self.
  • Share your feelings, challenges, and victories with those you love and trust. When you feel supported and encouraged you are much more likely to feel good about yourself and continue your efforts toward overall health.

You have learned a lot this month.  We hope you have found the information and ideas helpful.  Be gentle with yourself.  Change and growth take time and consistency. Remember that you are worth all of this, and that as you continue to grow you will find it easier to achieve the level of health you were meant to have.  Keep up the fantastic work!