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Why You Need a Virtual Health Retreat

Feb 5, 2021 | Health Matters

Get the professional guidance you need right from home!

Admit it. Working from home is a kick in the pants to your physical and mental health.

It’s time you had as much success with your health and personal wellness as you do in your professional life.

Certainly this pandemic has presented us all with a lot of challenges.

Leaders and high performers, mompreneurs, work-from-home executives, are all facing a unique situation right now.

Every one of us is facing new stressors.

So how do you cope? Take time for yourself. Recognize that self-care is essential for you to be healthy – physically and mentally.

Take time to realign your nutrition, your sleep, hormones, gut health and much more…

It can’t be done overnight. But if you find the right health practitioner to guide you – and you’re willing to put the work in – you can pivot your life.

I know one thing I’ve done is create an 8-week virtual health retreat, The Wellness Connection. Led by me, a licensed naturopathic doctor, we’ll personalize a wellness plan just for you.

A Much-Need Recharge

Especially during this pandemic, we all need to shake up our perspective and focus more on our physical, mental and spiritual well-being to be our best self.

We’re craving an effective wellness retreat from the comfort of our home – a way we can refocus our diet, do a detox, improve our sleep and incorporate the daily meditations we so desperately need to head off the stress.

Offered starting March 1, The Wellness Connection retreat will give you incredible accountability and personalized guidance on everything from your nutrition to your mindset.

We all want to have as much success with our health and personal wellness as we do in our professional lives.

  • Pivot your life by shaking up your nutrition from the macro level.
  • Get the building blocks you need to TRULY feel better.
  • Access the support of a professional and intimate group of your peers without leaving home.
  • Learn how to set realistic goals.
  • Discover the major impact gut health has on whole body health.
  • Learn how to sleep better.
  • Regulate your adrenal health.
  • Find the balance you’ve been looking for.

How good would it feel to say? “I feel great and have abundant, everlasting energy!”


Join TODAY and clearly commit to healing naturally – spirit + mind + body.

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