2024: Transformative Wellness Goals You Can Actually Accomplish

Dec 29, 2023 | Friends and Home Life, Healthy Living

Does your New Year resolution always seem to fade away come February? It’s not you; it’s the goal setting. We’re changing the narrative with this guide to help you set realistic and fulfilling goals you can actually accomplish this year. Get the body and life of your dreams! 


Why Do Typical New Year Resolutions Fail? 

Do you make the same goal more or less every year? Exercise, eat well, save money… You’re not alone. It’s not just a rumor that these resolutions don’t last past the first few months of the year, it is fact

The reason this is happening each year isn’t solely a lack of willpower, which over 27% of people have said was the greatest challenge to change. The truth is that the way we set our goals can lead them to be unachievable. Over 27% of people have admitted that 

There can be incredible pressure to set New Year’s goals, and they can look pretty on paper, but we really have to keep in mind how practically they will weave into our daily lives. 

Come February or March when the excitement dies down and the pressure is off, the reality of the time or effort it takes to achieve these goals can feel overwhelming, making it even easier to revert to familiar habits and slowly abandon the goal. We’re here to tell you that your New Year’s goals are fated to fail, however. 

You are taking the first step right now to recognize the pattern to ensure it doesn’t repeat. It is the first step of real change. Soon, you’ll be setting achievable and sustainable goals faster than you can say, “New Year, new me!” 


How You Can Start Making Achievable Goals and Resolutions

Before jumping straight into goal-setting, take some personal time for introspection and reflection. While you might feel like you know exactly what you want to achieve in 2024, chances are you haven’t fully understood the “why” behind them. 

A clear understanding of your ‘why’ is essential for ensuring the goal you set is truly achievable. It’s about getting curious with yourself to dig deeper into what motivates you and your values. 

Motivation, unfortunately, isn’t static, so when it does eventually fleet, you will have your ‘why’ to propel you forward and keep you on track. Need help with motivation? Don’t miss our FREE motivation workbook!

Now that you have checked in with yourself, you can begin the nitty-gritty of your New Year’s Goal Setting. For a truly sustainable New Year’s goal, follow these tips: 

Get Precise With Your Goals 

Start to get clear and concrete with your goals so they are more well-defined. This precision ensures you have a clearer roadmap to success. It is just a slight shift, but it will help drastically. For example, alter a broad goal like ‘get healthy’ into a specific action like ‘take a 30-minute walk each day.’ 

Create a Clear Visual

Now that you have tapped into your health, career, and personal vision with precise goals, you can start to get visual by creating a vision board. Having the visual representation will keep you pushing forward with the resolutions important to you by keeping it top of your mind. 

Don’t Make Your Goals Too Lofty

While a year may seem long, it can go by so quickly! Being realistic about your starting point with a skill or habit can ensure you are setting a goal within your grasp. Skills or habits that are new will need baby steps to build up your capability but also self-confidence that will help keep you going. 

Break down Larger Goals

When you do have a more ambitious goal, break it down into achievable segments by identifying smaller tasks you can action that keep you progressing toward the main objective. It will become way less intimidating, and you’ll love the small wins along the way!

Match Your Goal To Your Lifestyle

Take a look at your daily routine and lifestyle and ensure your goal harmonizes well with all aspects of your life. It should fit comfortably so you aren’t feeling too much pressure to change overnight. 

Track Your Progress

Don’t lose sight of your progress! Take the time to reflect on the journey; it’s often not linear, so you may see some peaks and valleys as you work toward your goal. This is more than ok, as all progress is still good progress. Ongoing evaluation will help you keep momentum in the right direction.

Celebrate both big and small wins

It can be easy to skip over the small victories when you have big goals you’re looking to accomplish. But all milestones, big or small, are worth celebrating! Taking the time to do so fuels the urge to keep going!

Avoid Rigidity 

While we do want you to get specific, it’s important that you are realistic about modifications to your goals or timeline if and when you need it. Life can often get in the way and staying fluid will help make sure you don’t abandon your goals all together when times get tough. It’s just a pause or a redirection until you can pick it up with full force! 

Find Ways to Stay Accountability

Having a person or place where you can share your goals can really support keeping you accountable. This can be as simple as sharing your resolutions with your friends, family, or a support group. If you don’t feel ready to share your goal with others, you can absolutely keep it private! A journal is a great space for this. It keeps track of your promise to yourself and can even be a great space to track your progress, too. 

2024 is your year to finally break free from the revolving door of New Year Resolutions. By integrating these tips into your New Year goal setting, you will set yourself up for the most successful and fulfilling year possible. 


20 Inspiring Wellness Goals You Can Accomplish In 2024

For a genuinely transformative wellness goal, you will need to get clear on what ‘wellness’ means to you personally and choose goals that fall in alignment. Wellness can come in many different forms than just wishing to lose weight, for example. True wellness will encompass all of who you are: physical health, mental health, financial health, spiritual health, and social health. 

1. Morning Mindfulness: Practice a 10-minute meditation session each morning for mental clarity. This helps reduce stress and improves focus, setting a positive tone for the day.


2. Daily Step Target: Aim to walk 10,000 steps daily to maintain physical fitness. Regular walking boosts cardiovascular health and aids in weight management.


3. Fruit and Vegetable Intake: Include at least three different fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. This ensures balanced nutrition and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.


4. Consistent Sleep Schedule: Sleep and wake at the same time every day, aiming for 7-8 hours of rest. Consistent sleep patterns support cognitive function, toxin removal, memory storage, mood regulation, and repair. Want the best sleep of your life? We can help!


5. Regular Financial Review: Conduct a monthly review of your finances, tracking expenses, savings, and investments. This promotes financial stability and reduces stress related to money matters.


6. Read for Growth: Complete a book each month that contributes to personal or professional development. Reading expands knowledge and inspires new ideas and perspectives.


7. Gratitude Reflection: Each day, write down three things you’re grateful for. This practice fosters a positive mindset and helps appreciate life’s small joys.


8. Limit Screen Time: Restrict leisure screen time to under two hours daily or take a digital detox weekly. Reduced screen time can improve sleep quality and mental well-being.


9. Quarterly Health Check-Up: Every three months, ensure you have a health check-up (make sure you also include dental and vision exams.) Regular check-ups aid in early detection and prevention of health issues. Want to start now? Let’s chat!


10. Monthly Volunteering: Commit a day each month to volunteer. Volunteering enhances community connection, which is known to improve your well-being. It provides a great sense of fulfillment.


11. Learn a New Language: Spend 15 minutes daily on a new language. Language learning enhances cognitive abilities and cultural understanding.


12. Hydration Goal: Make sure you stay hydrated. Drink at least half your body weight in fluid ounces daily. Adequate hydration is essential for overall health, brain, and bodily functions.


13. Mindful Meal Times: Eat one meal (at minimum) per day without distractions, focusing on the food’s taste and texture. This practice aids in mindful eating and better digestion.


14. Regular Nature Walks: Regularly take nature walks (or another activity you love) to connect with the outdoors. Nature is proven to help with your well-being and bring more relaxation to your life. The vitamin D will make you feel great, too.


15. Weekly Creative Activity: Engage in a creative activity like painting or writing weekly for at least one hour. Creative practices foster self-expression and are known to help process emotions and past trauma, and they can even be meditative.


16. Daily Positive Affirmations: Recite positive affirmations each morning. This sets a constructive and optimistic tone for the day that can boost self-esteem, manage stress or anxiety, and reinforce healthy habits.


17. Regular Stretching or Yoga: Include a 15-minute stretching or yoga routine daily. This improves flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and enhances mental health.


18. Bi-weekly Social Activities: Engage in social activities with friends or family bi-weekly. Socializing is key for emotional well-being, maintaining supportive connections, and stress reduction.


19. Eco-Friendly Food Practices: Embrace sustainable eating by minimizing food waste and choosing local, minimally packaged products such as whole foods. By opting for organic whole foods, you up your nutrient intake and avoid harmful chemicals while doing your part for local businesses and the environment.


20. Cook a New Recipe Weekly: Try a new, healthy recipe each week. This diversifies your diet and enhances culinary skills, contributing to nutritious and enjoyable meals. Ensure you focus on eating 9-12 varying types of vegetables daily when cooking and prepping food. This is a great space to use your creativity and reap those wellness benefits, too!  


We hope you feel inspired by all the achievable ways you can start putting your health wellness first this year, shaping a life you truly love! 

These goals are meant to be flexible and adaptable, so feel free to tweak them to fit your own needs and lifestyle perfectly, making sure they are as sustainable as possible. 


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