Be Fully Present with Your Thoughts and Emotions

Apr 18, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog, Healthy Living


Did you know that inner dialogue within in you consists of thoughts and emotions that have been present with you throughout your life?

Huge aha moment, right!

How do you think about who you are? Are you responsive or reactive to your external environment and situations?

There are so many external comments that are said to you on a daily basis that you can often get triggered. These triggering thoughts have been deeply ingrained in you from your subconscious.

Here is some food for thought. How can you become more aware of your emotions? 

Being connected to your thoughts and feelings and becoming more aware of them will allow you to make changes in your responses when triggered. Begin to come from a place of self-love rather than being reactive. How can you source this from your heart?

I always stay to myself when around people that trigger me – “Everyone is doing the absolute best that they know how to at any given moment”.

Your thoughts and feelings can limit you from holding yourself high and following through on your vision. Also, the negative and limits thought can even cause illness.

The mind and body connection is real and can create healing or limit your healing.

Remember: Your body believes every word you say.

I am here to support you in living a complete life that you can be proud of and become the healthiest version of yourself. Be in charge of YOU and your responses in daily life situations!

You GET to create a life full of purpose and vision while BEING HEALTHY!


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