Clean eating’

Aug 29, 2019 | Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

Whole foods should be the mainstay of any wellness plan. When you are eating a whole food diet consistently, a healthier body will be able to assimilate the occasional treat better than a body that is already unwell.

So many patients come to the clinic and focus on weight loss. Dr. Donahue encourages them to focus on whole foods and healthy eating. Why? We have become a society of diets, calorie counting and deprivation. These methods may work for a short time. There is ample evidence, however, that they don’t work long term. As soon as we go off the “plan” we go back to our “set point” and often gain more weight
Check out our HEALTHY EATING PROGRAM to get you on track with a lifestyle and nutrition plan that works for your body. A whole food diet is the best option with a decrease amount of sugar and simple starches.

STOP all the dieting. Make your nutrition a priority and health will follow.