Positive Psychology Heals Inflammation

May 24, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog, Health Matters, Healthy Living


Did you know that your immune system is influenced by your emotional state?

When you are in a state of awwwweeeee, your immune system health is boosted and can fight infection as well as limit the amount of inflammation that occurs after the infection has taken it’s course.

Research from Stellar’s and Gordon’s team found that when you experience more awe in your life you will also have improved immune health. 

Awe is defined as a way to shift your attention from yourself, allows you to feel that you are part of something greater than yourself, can change your perception of time and make you feel more grateful + generous.

When you experience more emotional highs and POSITIVE emotions compared to NEGATIVE emotions you will experience a decreased amount of proinflammatory cytokines that cause chronic inflammation.

Your POSITIVE emotions not only influence your health. This excites me to share this with you as it can be so simple to add awe into your life.

What ways of awwwwwe can you create in your life so support your health + your improved immunity? What inspires you and creates awe in your life?

Here are 7 suggestions to improve your AWE:

  1. Allow yourself to be more socially connected and create social exploration
  2. Listen to music that brings happiness to your heart
  3. Get outdoors. Take a walk in nature + use your 5 senses during your journey
  4. Take on a creative project that lights you up
  5. Do something special for someone
  6. Reframe your day to day tasks by creating positive thoughts
  7. Spend time with children

The main message I get to support you with today is to search for something that creates AWE in your life on a daily basis. Your emotions + your immune system will thank you!