Do You Set Goals and Create Accountability?

Sep 26, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog

Did you know that if you set specific goals that you will be more likely to create the achievement you desire?

You can effectively meet your goals by setting deadlines and  tracking your progress.

Tracking your desired goals entails creating clear steps in order to hit your achievements. Setting goals is an amazing way for you to improve yourself and grow as an individual.

Once you establish your goals, it is extremely important to track your progress so you can be sure you are on track to hit your target.

By tracking your health and nutrition, you can hold yourself accountable, which increases the likelihood that you will  accomplish the desired result.

Steps to creating change and success around health:

1. How do you look and feel?
Do you have the energy to perform at high levels? I am here to tell you that your feelings are your most valuable gifts in your life. It is your  internal guidance that directs your thoughts, actions and outcome.

2. Nutrition is so important in how you look and feel.
What we eat has a huge effect on our mental and emotional state.

  • Track your hunger and cravings.
  • What is the quality of your sleep? If you are tired  when you wake up what happened?
  • Be aware of your digestion.
  • Track your energy throughout the day.
  • Check in with your cognition.

3. Tracking and Measuring Goals:
You get to premeditate your goals. The way you set up your goals is directly related  to what you can accomplish.

  • Break down big goals into smaller goals. Taking small steps each day towards your goals will bring it to fruition
  • Write down your goals as this will boost the reality of it happening by 33%.

4. Create Accountability:
Ask for support from a loved one or reach out to a professional to guide and connect with you.

Did you know that only a staggering 8% of individuals will complete an achievement that they set out to create?

The great majority of people don’t even set goals – research shows only 20% of people, actually, write down goals.

If you write down and track the steps you are 3 x more likely to succeed. YES!!!

However, the best news is if you choose a goal, track the  goal and ask a friend or professional to hold you accountable, you will increase your chance to complete your goal by 95%!


This is why setting goals is a great idea if you want to make your life better – you are 10x more likely to succeed…….

……AND sharing your goals, creating a detailed plan and asking for accountability improves your outcome up to 86%.

I don’t know about you but these goal statistics are incredible  and useful.

I know when I track my macros for nutrition, my workouts and my business goals that I see my success escalate.