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Jul 22, 2020 | Healthy Living

Ways to Celebrate National Hammock Day

Nothing says summer like a good swing in the hammock, so we thought we’d take some time to celebrate National Hammock Day, which occurs July 22nd. While the idea of using a hammock seems simple enough, there is actually a lengthy history of hammocks, and studies have shown that sleeping in hammocks is good for your health. Just think, you can improve your health just by spending some quality time in a hammock! Does life get any better?

According the History Channel’s website,, it is thought that hammocks were created by the Mayans and other indigenous people, over a thousand years ago, and were made of plant fibers and tree bark.  Hammocks were initially used to protect people from poisonous snakes and rodents.  Fortunately for us, they are now made of much more comfortable material, and there typically isn’t a risk of venomous attack while napping!

Here are six good benefits of hammock time:

  • The natural rhythm of swinging promotes relaxation and triggers the brain to fall asleep more quickly.
  • Another benefit of the rhythm is that it leads to deeper sleep, which improves mood, mental acuity, and helps consolidate memory and learning.
  • Hammocks help alleviate pain because there is no contact with the ground. When sleeping in a bed, the body’s pressure points are affected by the mattress and frame, causing many people to toss and turn at night. There are no pressure point triggers in a hammock, and finding a comfortable position is easy.
  • Mesh hammocks allow for ideal air circulation as you sleep, keeping you cooler in hot weather.
  • All hammocks can be washed regularly, which rids them of dead skin cells and other material.
  • Best of all, sleeping in a hammock is easy, peaceful, and serene. And, there’s no bed to make when you get up!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a designer hammock on an island oasis, or a basic hammock strung between two trees in your back yard.  Resting in a hammock is a sure way to relax and decompress.  Hammock time will help you get in tune with the outdoors and yourself, and you will find it time well spent.  You work hard and deserve some time to relax.  So pull out that hammock and get swinging!

Next time we will get back on track with smoothie and juice month and will talk about ways they can prevent and treat certain illnesses.


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