Health Mastery for Leaders:

Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself by Mastering the Foundation of Personal, Whole-Healing

Hello! I am Dr. Holly Donahue

A licensed, board-certified doctor of naturopathic medicine in the State of New Hampshire.

Have you been wanting to feel more energetic, joyful and balanced in your life?

Are you craving to be present in the life you’re living as a person who is making a big impact on the world?

Have you felt alone on your health journey and are yearning for a connection with a practitioner to walk with you and guide you as you rise up in your life?

Here’s what I know about leaders like you…

We invest in personal trainers to build our strength, we invest in business coaches to grow and strategize our businesses, but what about our health?

When was the last time you were supported in creating a life-giving strategy for your health and wellness??

As a high performer and someone who is making a big impact in the world, one-on-one support on your health journey is a game-changer you have been missing. Our health is the ultimate wealth and the foundation for fulfillment and true success.


I am here to connect with you one-on-one as you experience and envision the healthiest version of yourself

Are you craving personalized medical care that will support you in reaching your high performance goals?  Are you tired of the quick fix medical system that focuses on symptoms instead of whole health? Explore ways to move you into that place of whole health, peak health, high performance and peak efficiencies.

Here’s HOW we’re going to ELEVATE your health together:


Create simple healing strategies that are personalized just for you.


Put together an individualized treatment plan streamlined that will support you in this stage in your life


Guide you in healing in order to get you the progress you have been searching for


Adjust your health and wellness plan to fit within your life and the life you are dreaming to create


Create a new way for you to live and look at your healing


Experience health utilizing all of your senses on a multi-dimensional level


Begin to train your body to follow your mind and have intentional healing


Learn to live in the present moment by allowing yourself to BE more than DO

I was there several years ago

I can relate to how it can be overwhelming in choosing the practitioner that will advocate for you and have your health in their best interest. I was in a high corporate executive job burnt out and exhausted. I continued to climb the corporate ladder yet did not have the energy I truly wanted to perform at the level that was required to keep my dreams in check with my goals. I could not continue to sustain a high performing job with my body breaking down and the inability to sleep. It was not until I found a naturopath that taught me how to heal with nutritional and lifestyle strategies that I was able to lose weight, sleep more soundly and decrease my stress levels.

How can I relate to your challenges as a high performer and business owner?

As a high achiever and an individual that manages multiple businesses, I know how important my health is to continue to sustain my jobs at the level I perform on a daily basis. Now, my health is extremely vital in order to allow my goals and dreams to unfold. If I do not have my body and mind, my dreams become a struggle. How can we continue to grow and make huge impacts in the world if we do not have whole-health?

Learn to have whole, balanced health to be on top of your game.

Now is the time to learn a way to live and become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your health. Research shows that preventative health is the best health long term. Learn strategies and techniques to heal.

How can I support you?

My gift as a naturopathic doctor is to figure out ‘WHY’ there is an imbalance within your body.

When we work as a partner together at that causal level instead of the symptomatic level, we can create a ‘SIMPLE PATH’ to wholeness. 

We can create this path forward so you can stay at peak performance levels and continue to obtain optimal health. My aim for you is to become fully aligned to who you truly are meant to be in this physical world.

I am inviting you into discovering your best health.

Partner with me to create a personalized program that is created for you as an individual. Entrust in me as a naturopathic doctor to walk this healing path and leave the symptomatic medical field behind. Lose that ‘pill for an ill’ mentality and heal yourself on all levels.

Let’s change your life together.

I know you want to change your life and feel your optimal best. I also know what it feels like to crave optimal health and not know exactly how to get there on your own. 

Having WHOLE-HEALTH allows you to have high energy along with a balanced vibration and frequency to support your personal and business goals and achievements in YOUR life. If your health and wellness is not balanced and flowing within your body, it will be a challenge to continue to perform at high levels in your life with your family, friends, colleagues and business ventures.

Are you ready to connect one-on-one to keep your health in check and continue on your path to whole-healing?

Let’s start to create those simple strategies of health so your high performance goals can come to fruition by supporting your body with wellness.

NOW is the time in INVEST IN YOUR LIFE to reach health and wellness.

I’m here and ready to support you.