Holiday Eating

Nov 10, 2022 | Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

“Prepare your holiday treats with real, whole food ingredients.”   – Dr. Donahue

The holidays are quickly approaching and so is the slippery slope of eating foods and sugars along with alcohol that do not make our bodies function at optimum performance. We begin to over indulge and before we know it the New Year has arrived! We are not feeling like we did prior to Halloween. Our health and wellness goals have taken the back seat. We are exhausted, fatigued and cannot focus.

This is a typical pattern for most of you over the holiday season. If this resonates with you than DON’T. LET. THIS. BE. YOU. It will take twice as long to get your body feeling back to normal after months of eating tons of sugar and indulging in foods. These highly acidic foods cause your body to become inflamed and imbalanced.

Enjoy the holidays but do be conscientious with your eating. Getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and hydration to help support your body. Take care of your body like you would your children or animals. YOUR BODY will thank you in 2020!

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