How to Trust Yourself in Today’s Uncertain Times

Sep 16, 2020 | Friends and Home Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s happening in our world. There seem to be no answers and many of us are feeling at a loss. But it is natural for our brain to want answers.

We’ve all been adapting to do the best we can each day. What I would like you to realize is that now is a great time to listen to your OWN INTUITION. Your perceptive abilities are a key part of who you are. The unfortunate truth, though, is that many of us do not trust ourselves. We rely on others to tell us what to do or to analyze information for us. We believe that someone else knows the answer better than ourself.

You probably already sense it when someone is trying to guide you down a path that does not feel right. Listen to your OWN INTUITION. Be your own guide. Certainly ask questions, but take the answers lightly and check with yourself to see if they make sense for your life.

Now is a good time for you to learn how to navigate your life the way that makes sense for you. I am here to encourage you to begin to look inside during these trying times. What is your body telling you?

What truth is your heart speaking?

Here is a short exercise to help you focus on your instincts:

  • Take several deep, abdominal breaths and ground yourself, enter your heart and body.
  • Ask yourself what choices you have in this moment. Think of each of these. . If necessary, you can write these choices down.
  • Ask yourself how each choice feels and walk through each opinion you have of each one. How does each choice make you feel? Happy, anxious, sad, irritated, frustrated, content, etc.? What is making your energy go up and what is making your energy feel depleted?
  • Use your instincts to choose the best option in your given situation.

I think of this above exercise much like nature. A tree moves with mother nature – the limbs blow in the wind when it is windy, the roots become dry if there is no water, the limbs grow with sunlight and the tree does not survive if it does not have sunlight, water and the right soil to grow in. . We as humans are much the same. Nature is our teacher. Trees do not need a logical reason to reach for the light – they just do it.

Look at what will nourish you. Trust in yourself as you move through this challenging time. You have all the tools you need within yourself to move through life. It is a journey. If you feel like the decision you made is not working for you and bringing you happiness, choose another option.

Don’t get down on yourself, just take the next step and make another choice. YOU’VE GOT THIS! We are going to be OK as we take one step at a time in life. And remember…

If you need me, I am here to guide you and help you on your specific health and wellness journey.

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