Dr. Holly Donahue

   Licensed Board-Certified Doctor of
Naturopathic Medicine and Health Entrepreneur


  • Unhealthy daily habits blocking the growth of leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Doing a deep dive into your DIS-EASE to truly discover the root of your health symptoms
  • Demystifying natural medicine – what herbs and plants you should be using now
  • Jumping off the corporate ladder to become a naturopath saved my life


Naturopathic medicine pivoted my life 30 years ago. It was all about one-on-one professional guidance and a customized naturopathic medicine treatment plan of natural supplements, nutrition counseling and common-sense exercise advice.

That spurred me to leave the corporate world to become a naturopathic doctor myself. Today I lead two successful ventures, Cura’ Naturale, a naturopathic medicine practice, and Simple Health, an innovative healthcare company customizing one-on-one concierge treatment plans for high performers and leaders.

Dr. Donahue received a doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle. She has done comprehensive training in healthcare at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, as well as with doctors throughout the Northeast and Northwest.

In the Media

  • Voice America interview with Maria Lucassen of Women Seeking Blissful Retirement
  • Health Mastery for Leaders Summit interview with Women’s Health Strategist and author of “Hot Women, Cool Solutions™” Pat Duckworth.

To contact Dr. Holly Donahue for an interview call 603-244-6724
or email [email protected]

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