New You: 5 Steps to Create Momentum in Your Health

Jan 24, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog

1.   What is your perception of reality when it comes your health? Keep in mind that your beliefs drive your actions and can impact your health. What do you think about? Are your thoughts positive and abundant?

2.   What signal does your body give you when you are not feeling energized and on top of your game? Do you notice that you have discomfort in a particular area consistently?

3.   Notice what works to relieve your symptom. Listen to your body and it’s cues within your mind and internal structure.

4.   Your body will tell you exactly what to do if you get quiet and listen to your intuition.

5.   How can you begin to master the ability to harness your energy? Do you need more self-care in your schedule? Are you eating a whole foods, balanced meal plan? Do you need to add movement into your daily schedule?

Ask yourself each question above and write down what is coming up for you? Do you feel your absolute best as a leader? Where could your mindset and intuition be used to support your health and wellness goals?