Pesticides and Other Farming Toxins

Nov 1, 2019 | Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

6 Reasons to Eat Organic

Last time we talked about hosting an autumn equinox feast, which got us thinking about food. While food is generally a good thing to think about, one thing that continues to be in the news is the potential health impact of pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in many commercially grown foods.  This, clearly, is not a good thing. What’s the solution?  Eating organic food is the one sure way to know what you are actually eating and to avoid exposure to toxins. Not only are organic foods healthier and safer for your body, there are lots of other reasons to go organic.  Read on for six more:

  • Organic foods have much higher levels of enzymes, essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins than commercially grown foods. This is because organic farmers use environmentally friendly practices to manage the soil and their crops rather than relying on pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Eating organic eliminates the possibility of exposure to toxins. More than 600 chemicals are registered for farming use in the United States.  Numerous health studies have found that pesticides attack the nervous system and may be implicated in various forms of cancer, hormonal disturbances, and early onset puberty in children.  Pesticides are absorbed by plant roots and through the outer skin.  No matter how well you wash your food, traces of toxins will remain.
  • Animals raised organically are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or other drugs. The drugs that conventional farm animals receive are linked to the same conditions listed above, as well as to others.
  • Organic meat is less fatty than non-organic, and the fat that does exist is healthier. And, milk from organic cattle provides 50%-80% more antioxidants than milk from commercial cattle.
  • Organic foods are not genetically engineered or genetically modified. Because the US does not require GMO foods be labeled, you have no way of knowing unless you buy organic.
  • Eating organic is good for the earth. Farmers use sustainable practices, and no pesticides or other harmful chemical are washed into our waterways or carried in the wind to settle in even more soil.

One way to begin eating more organic foods is to check out local farmers markets and meet the individuals that are growing organically.  Ask questions to find out how they treat the soil and grow their crops.  The more you learn the more likely you will be to start introducing more organically grown food into your diet.  The health benefits are clear, and you won’t have to worry about ingesting toxins into your body.

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