Radiate Positivity and NOT Negativity

May 10, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog


When you focus on the good your life improves exponentially.

Have you thought about what it means to fearlessly be yourself? What does it mean to show up authentically as who you are meant to ‘BE’ and create wellness every, single day?

Creating both positive and healing thoughts are so important to practice daily. When we create positive emotions as we move through our day, our body becomes more in flow. However, when we allow negativity to enter our cells – we may struggle with happiness + healing. This is when the body can create dis-ease.

This goes for all positive aspects of your life as health being your #1 PRIORITY. Having a healthy body and mindset can move mountains.

Look at your life and appreciate what you have. Knowing that you get to be responsible to show up and have the best life is all a choice. Our healing goes deep within our cells.

5 Tips for a Healthier You

  • You can achieve peak performance with the right practitioner by your side so much more than going at your health alone.
    • Sure you can do a lot alone but do you have the skill-set and knowledge you need in the medical field to know where your health is truly at? A naturopathic or integrative medicine doctor can bring experience and a different perspective to you to guide you on your healing journey
    • Once you bring a group of healers together to support your strongest asset – YOUR BODY – amazing healing happens. The truth is you cannot do it alone – but who wants to anyway? Let practitioners help you expand and build on your healthYou can achieve peak performance with the right practitioner by your side so much more than going at your health alone.
  • The RIGHT practitioners will build up your health and teach you to live a vital and strong life
    • The practitioners you bring on board for your health have an enormous influence on how you heal and what that can look like.
    • It is important to be able to emotionally connect and trust the healing process with individuals you trust.
  • Your SUCCESS around your health will ALWAYS support you in your life.
  • Create meaningful relationships as well as love and laughter in these connections.
  • Be gentle with yourself as you embark on your healing Journey.

MOMENTUM in healing will happen once you decide it is time to step up and be in charge of your health. Know that the decisions you make will guide you on your wellness journey.

Being passionate & driven to heal i.e. knowing your body and what your body needs is so important. Be the individual that is resilient in the face of change. Be aware of where your shortcomings are and reach out for support.

The time is now to live a life filled with health and vitality. Setting up and creating your clear path to health is right around the corner.

You may be nervous to take the next step. Whether you’re feeling as if you do not have the time or ability to heal, I am here to support you. Click this link to connect with me TODAY!