Start reaping the benefits TODAY!

Aug 23, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog, Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

Harness the power of food to transform your life.

I know you have heard this over and over, again! I cannot stress how obsessed I am with the importance of food as medicine!

Eating plants and vegetables in season optimizes their metabolic affect + bioavailability!

I cannot stress how important it is to eat whole foods for your health. It is your ‘FARMACY”.

Take a MOMENT to LISTEN about creating HABITS around changing your nutrition.


When you choose foods that fit your cell and body’s growth, you will be moving towards health.

Using the power of food to support your metabolism, brain and gut is one of the major components of healing and has the ability to reboot and TRANSFORM you life!

Your food should be your medicine every, single day!

There is really not one, single definition as ‘FOOD as MEDICINE’.  You want to begin prioritizing your food as an individual with the goal of preventing, reducing and/or eliminating symptoms that you are experiencing daily.

You CAN, in most instances, reverse your disease state.

Realize, you may also need herbs, supplements and/or medications to support the body as it heals. This is where I come in to support you.

Figuring out what is causing you dis-ease and create an individualized treatment plan for your specific body…….

……..We will work together to assess and I will evaluate where your health is so you can have the solution to move forward and, simply, feel more ENERGIZED.

You will think clearer and create the results you desire.

Are you ready? Let’s GO!!!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - hippocrates