What are negative emotions costing you?

Apr 25, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog, Healthy Living


Being a high performer and leader makes you want to step out support those in need. 

Do you ever wonder what you can do as a leader to create a world of happiness and positivity? 

Think about how you can be generous and give back to your community once you have a sense of being grounded. When you give back it gives you yet another sense of LOVE and presence.

I get to REMIND YOU to be careful in internalizing negative thoughts. Healing flows not from sickness but from health. You have great responsibility to yourself and to your life.

Be healthy and feel that healthy response inside you.  Focus on it, celebrate it,  and expand on happiness and health.

Do not let the situations in your external environment pull you down. Rise above them and be so positive to block these challenges around you out.

Make a meaningful positive difference in your life every, single day. 

And remember, progress over perfection. Just take on one small habit at a time toward a healthier you and watch your life unfold. Your vibrant self will become healthier and more present!