When you choose better health, you choose greater freedom.

Aug 29, 2022 | Dr. Donahue Video Blog

Getting HEALTHY is a choice.

Do you STOP taking responsibility for your health? Where are you getting stuck in healing?

I am noticing a pattern that is coming up for leaders lately. They are so focused on their goals and aspirations with the recession that their health is taking the back seat.

Don’t let this be you…..

……….your health is your wealth and so many high performers become ultra successful in economies like we are seeing now.

Turn your fear into confidence. Take a few minutes out of your day to listen so you can break free of overwhelm….

Here are some journal prompts that I would LOVE you to take 30 minutes to reflect on:

  1. What is your vision for FALL when it relates to your health?
  2. What is stopping you and causing you fear to take a step forward?
  3. What is a self-care strategy you’ve been curious in experiencing?
  4. What is one habit you can take action on TODAY? Changing habits take one step at a time.

Grab the opportunity RIGHT NOW by pushing your mind and emotions into taking action. Live life in the most rewarding and possible by taking a step in your health process.

Step up and do what must be DONE to reclaim your health!

It is important to remember: creating health can only happen if you’re willing to TAKE ACTION.

Be HONEST with yourself……….

…….are you right where you want to be when you look at your energy and health?

If the answer is NO, let me motivate and show up for you so you can improve your overall health and well being with the power of naturopathic medicine.

It’s time for you to create momentum and move your health forward so you can create your visions and dreams faster! Click HERE. 


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