A Word About Cleaning Supplies

Sep 20, 2019 | Friends and Home Life, Healthy Living

Cleaning supplies are just as important to consider as it is when we are consciously choosing our nutrition or the beverages we consume. A lot of products contain more damaging ingredients than ones that will give you the results you are seeking without putting our health in danger and filling it with toxicity. There are plenty of alternative products that will do a great job cleaning which do not contain all the toxins, we don’t even realize the effects these products we are using have on our health, after all it is just as important the products we are using as well as the food we eat, the bottom line is toxins are everywhere and we must take caution not to allow that destructive element in. The more knowledge we have and utilize the healthier we can stay and thoroughly enjoy our life. First of all if our sense of smell is signaling something doesn’t smell healthy for us than you should adhere to that warning signal, really label reading should become a habit. Knowing what a product is made of is a must, learning how toxicity affects our organs is a class of life we will always be enrolled in.

There are many levels of how cleaning supplies will affect our health, but the bottom line is that with the toxicity contained in them it is inevitable that they will.  It can be as simple as a skin irritation or persistent cough through chronic long-term effects such as respiratory issues as well as developing cancer in your system. So at this point we must ask is it worth it to do your cleaning with the supplies you are currently using or is your health worth making changes in your choices to not only get things clean how you like them but as well to improve how you feel during and especially for long times afterward. As consumers we buy commercial cleaning products to achieve any of the following looking for results with detergents, glass cleaners, oven cleaner, soaps of many kinds, polishers, bleachers, incense, candles, etc.

Keep in mind while the chemicals contained in these cleaners are giving us anything from baby soft skin all the way through a sparkling clean shower, remember they also are contributing to pollution of our household air as well as we are ingesting poisonous fumes which can lead to many different illnesses and irritations to our bodies that most likely will lead to lifelong adverse effects even leading to cancer. In fact, there are some cleaners found to be the most toxic right inside the home. U.S. Poison control centers find 10% of toxic exposures reported in 2000 involved children under six who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.

It is our duty to take charge of our health to prevent any unnecessary illness, we can’t stress enough to read labels and become aware of what potential exposure we have and can then prevent simply by choosing a different way to clean with.

Please be sure to smile knowing we are here to always assist you upon the healthy path of living.