Celebrate Memorial Day

May 29, 2023 | Friends and Home Life

7 Ways to Enjoy a Meaningful Holiday

Memorial Day is May 29th, and it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the meaning of service, and to be thankful for the many freedoms we enjoy.  Designed to honor and remember the men and women who have died in active military duty, Memorial Day is a chance to pause, reflect, and dream.

Over time, Memorial Day has also become the unofficial jumpstart to summer.  Since we can now be fairly certain that Mother Nature has no other blustery tricks up her sleeve, it’s time to think about celebrating.  With flags, parades, and the occasional fireworks, the sense of celebration combines nicely with the reflective nature of the day.  Most of us enjoy a long weekend, so plan a day for remembrance and rejuvenation.  Here are seven creative ideas for your upcoming holiday:

  • Enjoy a local parade with your family. There are usually veterans marching, so it’s a chance to say thank you for their service.  Many towns also have services or presentations at the cemetery, which is another good way to show your appreciation.
  • Take a long walk through your neighborhood or town. Look for memorial sites and plaques that honor those who have served their countries, their states, or their towns.  There is an abundance of history in the area, and you may learn something new along your route.
  • Make a donation to an organization that supports veterans and their families. Many veterans face a host of challenges when they return from service, and your donation can help them get the support they need.
  • Plan a picnic if the weather is nice. (If it’s not so nice, try an indoor picnic on a blanket in the living room!) Look back to our recent post on picnics for some recipes and ideas.
  • Join in the spirit of service and volunteer your time. Help out at a food pantry or soup kitchen, pick up trash in the cemetery or park, spend some time with someone in a nursing home, or volunteer to help an elderly neighbor with chores around the house or yard work.
  • Practice gratitude. Make a list of all the people and things you are grateful for, and make sure to tell some of the people on your list how you feel about them. Sharing gratitude spreads joy and builds further connection with those you love.
  • Be proud of your nation, your freedom, and the men and women who made, and continue to make, all of this possible.

Comparatively, our country is still quite young.  Over time, we have seen many changes, and we have watched our nation continue to evolve.  We have witnessed great achievements, colossal setbacks, joys, and tragedies.  In many ways, we can say the same about ourselves.  We can look back to where we came from and find a similar pattern of strengths, successes, and setbacks.  Like our own country, we will continue to evolve.  The choices we make for ourselves, our families, and our health will determine our future, and the quality of life we enjoy.  So keep up the good work you are doing, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help support you along the way.

We want to take a look at ways to look within to find solutions to challenges you may face. Stay tuned for our next blog.