Don’t Fall Into Food Traps

Nov 18, 2019 | Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy

Do you experience peer pressure when eating with family or friends? Do the people you spend the most amount of time with often coax you into eating foods that are not healthy or part of your wellness goals? This, unfortunately, is very common in today’s society with all types of foods around each of us daily. Many people want you to commiserate with them in eating when you have worked long and hard to stay healthy. Don’t fall into this trap for yourself.

I am sure you know that uncomfortable feeling associated with eating unhealthy foods when you have been working so hard on making changes to your nutrition goals. You have been working consistently on improving your health and there comes a time when you sit down to have a bite to eat with family or friends at a nearby restaurant they have chosen or even their home. They know you have been working hard to stay healthy and your appearance shows your efforts. They, on the other hand, are still eating junk food or high starch or sugary foods. You make the decision to stay on track and order a meal filled with vegetables and protein. They try and coax you into going off plan and have something ‘fun’ as they call it. You know you love that type of food but you also know how it makes you feel. This is when the decision becomes a difficult one.

You stick with your first choice and you can tell they are slightly annoyed. The words you dread are spoken and sound like this. “Oh, come on, why don’t you order what I am having you know you used to eat that all the time?”  Another comment sounds like this when you are eating at someone else’s home, “Here eat some of this, you know how long it took me to prepare this dish and I made it because I knew you would be joining us.

These expressions are very typical and more typical than I would like to admit in our society. All of those moments are so difficult to encounter. The more you stand your ground with foods than the more successful you become. Some people insist you eat those foods that either result in fat gain or put your health at risk. Many people do not feel well emotionally and physically so they do not even realize what they are promoting. It somehow will allow them feel better when they can get someone like yourself who wants to be healthy to indulge in those high fat content meals or the desserts loaded with sugar. Not to mention, all that starch associated with the breads, rolls, or crackers people munch on before the meal even arrives.

It may seem hard at first dealing with these difficult people, but after you do it a few times it begins to happen naturally for you. Eventually, they will stop tempting you because their efforts begin to go unnoticed on your part. You, actually, can begin to turn those efforts around, as you are feeling better each day in having increased amounts of energy. You begin to glow with such a healthy appeal that family and friends will begin to want to know what steps you have been taking to achieve this and make it happen. They will begin to see your strength and willpower to continue to be healthy and happy.

This is when you begin to become successful. You will feel so much better about the time that is being chosen to spend with family and friends instead of beginning to dread the interaction and stress it causes you around food options. You are striving to stick to a healthy diet instead of working so hard and making changes only to have those efforts diminished in just one meal.

You are so happy with your results and improvements in your health that each time you decide to stick to your food plan and order healthy foods off the menu you are choosing success instead of failure. You soon begin to realize that the day to day decisions you make with food options brings you that much closer to a healthier you. Remember in your heart you have made the right choice for yourself. Keep your focus on your goals and keep marching forward.

In the next blog, I will touch discuss Tips for Planning and Preparing Meals on the Run including healthy nutrition in fifteen minutes or less. I know this topic will peak your interest and keep you engaged on your journey to eating well, especially, during the holiday season. Helping you to find ways to achieve your goals instead of creating excuses as to why you can‘t. Until the next blog is released, stay focused on your health goals and continue to be aware of the food choices you are making daily.

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