Happy May Day!

May 1, 2023 | Healthy Living

6 Tips to Connect with Spring

May 1st is May Day, a holiday celebrated in many countries throughout the northern hemisphere. Some say its roots lie in pagan ceremonies, others believe it is a generic celebration of spring and rebirth after a long, hard winter. From children leaving baskets of flowers on their doors for good luck, to all out raucous parties, May Day has been a long-time staple of spring and the promise of summer. One of the traditions of May Day is the May Pole. This is a tall thin pole with multiple ribbons fastened to the top. People hold the ribbons away from the pole and march around it singing and dancing, creating a colorful canopy above them.

Whatever the “true” meaning of May Day, it is a great day to celebrate the arrival of longer days and warmer weather. It’s a time to feast on the colors and scents of the Earth, and it’s a time to enjoy as much of the new growth of the season as possible. It can also be a good time to reflect on your progress toward your health goals and make any changes you need to make.

Here are some tips to help you connect with the energy and rebirth of spring, in hopes it will inspire you to keep moving forward.

  1. Get outside!  Soak up some vitamin D and the warm, clean breezes of spring. Vitamin D is a natural mood booster, and will help motivate you to be active.
  2. Check out your local walking trails or take some longer walks around the neighborhood. Don’t forget that many schools allow residents to enjoy their outdoor facilities after school hours.
  3. Plan to spruce up your outdoor space with flowers or other plants. Whether you have multiple acres or a small apartment window box, there are lots of ways to bring spring right to your doorstep. Who can’t feel better when they set out for the day or return home to the beauty of flowers or plants?
  4. Visit a local garden center and take a leisurely walk through all of the spring time offerings. Enjoy the smell, the colors, and the variety. Try to get ideas for a gardening project you can do.
  5. Check through local newspapers for garden tours or presentations.  Bookstores, gardening centers, and community organizations often offer workshops in the spring to help people plan and implement their garden design.
  6. Don’t forget to visit your local parks. Some of them have stunning displays of tulips, daffodils, and other spring flowers, and some also have self-guided walking tours.

It’s hard to believe we are already in the fifth month of the year.  As you get out and enjoy the rebirth of spring, take some time to think about yourself and your own rebirth. Make sure you have realistic goals in mind, and make sure you continue to take care of yourself along the way. Set the boundaries you need to set, surround yourself with people who lift you up, and enjoy your journey.  You deserve it!

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