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Apr 8, 2020 | Friends and Home Life

Healthy and Creative Ideas for Easter Eggs and Baskets

Easter is almost here, and with it comes the traditional egg coloring and basket filling.  This can sometimes be a challenge if you are trying to make healthy changes in your home.  Fortunately, there are lots of ideas that are fun, creative, and healthy.

If you want to enjoy coloring eggs with your family, there are alternatives to the chemical dye kits available in stores.  Try these options for making natural, chemical-free dyes: Mommy Potamus and Clear + Well.  If you prefer to purchase a kit, a healthy choice is available at Co-op Market. Aside from the fun involved, don’t forget that eggs provide lots of protein and are good for strong bones and brain function.

For the Easter basket, there are lots of ways to turn it into a creative and healthy surprise, rather than the candy laden baskets many of us grew up with.   It is easy to avoid processed sugar, and if you replace some of the candy with other items, you will be helping your child and promoting creative play.  What could be better?  Here are some fun ideas for baskets:

    • Wrap organic goldfish in cellophane in the shape of a carrot. Use short pieces of green ribbon for the tops.
    • Put a pack of organic seeds in a small pot for your little one to plant. Include some kid friendly gardening tools if you can plant outdoors.
    • Art supplies are a great addition to promote creativity.
    • Go for the classics: baseballs, slinkys, yo-yos, bubbles, and jacks are always hits.
    • Playing cards and trading cards can be fun for all.
    • Include tickets to a game center, mini-golf course, or movie theater for a family themed event.
    • Use a new bike helmet as a basket to encourage your child to be active.
    • Small building sets, action figures, or stuffed animals can help with creative play.
    • If you plan to put some sweet treats in the basket, check out the following websites. They offer products that are organic, dye free, GMO free, gluten free, vegan, fair trade, and allergy-friendly.

The weather is getting nicer these days, and whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or a fun rite of springtime, it is possible to maintain traditions with a healthy spin.  You are doing a great job taking care of yourself and your family!  Feel free to post pictures of your Easter creations on our Facebook page, at .