On the Hunt

Apr 9, 2020 | Friends and Home Life

5 Fun Ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt

Back in March we talked about the equinox and the ideas of balance and rebirth.  Spring is possibly the most hopeful season, as we open up our windows to the fresh air and watch the earth begin to bloom, again.  You might be surprised to know that the spring equinox determines the date of Easter.  Since 325CE, Easter has always been on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the equinox, unless the full moon is on Sunday, and then it is delayed a week.  This year the full moon occurred April 18th, thus the celebration of Easter two days later.

This time of year is such a good reminder that we can all start fresh and mix up our routines and traditions.  Last time we talked about ideas for Easter baskets and finding fun and healthy items for the kids.  While enjoying the full moon the other night, a great idea came about the traditional Easter egg hunt, and how this year it would be fun to try something new.  Here are 5 ideas to help you hunt outside the box:

  • Have a night hunt! Arm your kids with flashlights and let them search for eggs after the sun goes down.  For younger children, put glow in the dark paint spots or stickers on the eggs to help them out a bit.  The moon is still almost full, so that will help in the hunt as well.
  • Color code the eggs and assign each person a color to hunt for. For families with multiple children, this is a great way to make sure everyone gets the same amount.  It is also helpful for younger children who may not be as quick as their older siblings.
  • If you use plastic eggs, mix up the pieces so each egg is two different colors. Give the kids a list of what they need to bring back to encourage them to work together to trade off parts of their eggs to make the sought after color combinations.
  • Think of a fun family activity that everyone would enjoy. Write out different clues about the activity on slips of paper, and put one in each egg.  After all the eggs have been found, the kids can work together reading the clues and trying to guess what the surprise is.
  • Figure out all the letters in your children’s names. Label each egg with one of the letters.  Instruct the kids to find the eggs that will spell out their name.  For pre-readers, write each letter on an index card for them so they can compare the cards to the eggs to find the right match.

No matter what you do this Sunday, enjoy the day.  Take the opportunity to reflect on

your progress toward your health goals, and determine if you need to make any changes.  It’s hard to believe we are almost a third of the way through the year!  Keep working hard and take care of yourself.  You can do it!  Look how far you have come and all you have learned.