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Mar 28, 2020 | Healthy Living

9 Tips for Reconnecting with Friends and Relatives

This month we have talked about spring as the season of renewal and growth.  Renewal isn’t just for the seasons; it can be for relationships as well.  Perhaps over time you have lost touch with old friends or relatives.  It is often easy for this to happen due to a busy schedule or past conflict.  What you shared in days past may seem distant and obsolete, and you may wonder what would happen if you were to reconnect.

During this season of growth and rebirth, it may be a good time to reach out and connect with someone you have lost touch with.  If there has been a rift in your relationship, it may seem difficult to extend the proverbial olive branch.  There is always the risk of rejection, which can be painful.  The other possibility is that your efforts will be well received.  It is possible the other person will be glad to hear from you and appreciate your willingness to reach out.

If you are thinking about reconnecting with old friends or relatives, here are 9 tips to consider:

  • Determine your motivation for reconnecting.
  • Consider the possible outcomes, and decide if you are willing to accept whatever happens.
  • Send a note or card to the person as an icebreaker.
  • Acknowledge the separation up front. Saying something like, “I know it’s been a while, but I have been thinking about you” is a nice way to start off.
  • If the separation was due to a falling out, own up to your part in it, without placing blame on the other person.
  • Be a good listener. The other person may need to express their feelings about the separation
  • Be aware of your reactions. If you feel hopeful about reconnecting, suggest getting together in a neutral location to catch up.  If you sense that a meeting is not in your best interest, simply tell the person you have been thinking of them, and wish them well.
  • When reconnecting with people you have lost touch with, be open to changes in the relationship. Both of you have grown and changed, and renewed relationships are seldom the same as they once were.
  • No matter the outcome of your efforts, evaluate your part in it. If the other person is not open to reconnecting, you have taken the high road and made an effort.  If you do reestablish ties, it will be an experience with all kinds of possibilities.

Change can be frightening at times.  You have been working hard on taking care of

yourself and your body, and it may be time to begin taking care of your relationships as well.  Having unfinished business with past relationships can feel draining, and possibly prevent you from opening up to new and healthy relationships.  Whatever you decide, take good care of yourself everyday!

In the following blog, we will close out the month with some fun suggestions for a rainy spring day.

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