Rain, Rain, Come and Play

Mar 30, 2020 | Friends and Home Life

14 Fun Ideas for a Rainy Day (or Quarantine with your Family)

Remember rainy days when you were a kid?  Time seemed to stand still and it seemed like an eternity before we could kick off our shoes and get back outside.  Maybe our siblings annoyed us, our parents made us clean our rooms, or we couldn’t get control of the television channel.  Now that we are adults, we have WAY more options for entertainment when the clouds let loose.

As we enjoy the beginning of spring and all of its sunshine and glory, there are bound to be some rainy days on the horizon.  So what to do when the rain pours down?  Don’t worry – we have got you covered!  (And you don’t even have to clean your room unless you want to.)

Here are some creative ideas for all types of rainy day needs:

To Be Active:

  • Put on your raincoat and boots and go for a walk in the rain.
  • Work out to your favorite exercise video, or find a new one online.
  • Play music and dance.
  • Clean, organize, and rearrange.

To Be Challenged:

  • Play board games or cards.
  • Try a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.
  • Find and try a new recipe.

To Be Productive:

  • Catch up on phone calls, e-mails, and paperwork.
  • Go through your closets and put together a bag for donation.
  • Tackle a project you have been putting off.

To Rest and Relax:

  • Watch a good movie.
  • Cuddle up on the couch and listen to the rain.
  • Pamper yourself with a hot soak in the tub, a beverage of your choice, and a nap.

Rainy days don’t have to be a sentence like they may have been when you were a kid.

With all of the commitments and responsibilities we have as adults, a rainy day can be a great opportunity for rejuvenation and a chance to unwind for a day.  We have listed only a few ideas – the possibilities are endless!  No matter what you choose to do on a rainy day, take care of yourself and be well.  The sun will always return.

Next time we will welcome the month of April, and there may even be something fun for April Fool’s Day.