Prepping Foods when Busy + Stressed

Oct 21, 2019 | Learn to Eat Clean and Healthy, Stress Management

Preparation of foods when busy and stressed; making sure food is prepared for the week. Because most of us have busy lives if we don’t take or make the time to prepare our food we then end up eating out.  And most of the time it ends up being fast food or processed foods at stores.  Neither of those choices will be good for our health, they are not providing the nutrients we need to fuel our bodies with high proteins, vegetables, avoiding high amounts of carbs or sugars.

What you want to achieve is making easy to grab containers or packages of food that are already cooked by taking some time during your weekend and cooking some healthy foods that are high in protein so you can fuel yourself during the week when you are at some of your most stressful & busy moments.  When we are busy or stressed we are not functioning with logical thinking, so when we feel hungry during those moments we usually grab a quick fix food and have just as quick of a crash because of the lack of nutrition in them, not to mention the other toxic ingredients they contain.

Yes I know some of you may think I do not want to consume my weekend by all this time it will take to do this, but believe me your body and your mind will thank you later for it.  After all once you do this a couple of times it is going to become a habit for improving your health and some of you will end up enjoying the whole process.  Actually you can accomplish a lot in a couple of hours and if you do this it truly will reduce some of your stress during the week.

Mason jars can end up being one of your greatest assets in this process, which will help to get you away from using plastic instead.  You can virtually use mason jars for drinks, yogurt parfaits, salads, healthy snacks and I am sure you’ll create many other food storage uses as well.

So if you choose your favorite meats that you want during the week, those can be cooking while you cut up and prepare your salad, along with cutting some other celery that you will use for snack time along with carrot sticks or broccoli, anything that you will enjoy munching on for your snack in between meals.  Also you may want to package some small containers with some dipping items for the veggie snacks such as hummus or almond butter or what other dipping item you enjoy(just keep it on the healthy side, you do not want to defeat your progress with a fattening dip).  Another good tip is to peel your oranges or grapefruits as well, that helps speed things up during your week when you only have a few minutes for a break or you may be stuck in traffic and need a little munchies to pass the traffic time away.

Some of the meat that you cook will be great to use for a wrap, which instead of a bread item you could use a nice thick piece of romaine lettuce or other lettuce of choice, just remember the darker the green the more nutrients you will be getting.  That kind of roll up is even more satisfying than one made with bread and also it doesn’t make you feel all bloated after eating it by eliminating the heaviness that bread tends to add.

Keep your items for the week easy to access like at the front of the shelf, then when you are packing your meal for the day as you’re headed off to work or whatever your busy schedule may contain. We think you are really going to like altering the way your week goes as you take these fairly easy steps so you can lessen the burden of stress because your meals for the week are already making that portion of your life now a snap to figure out.

Balance is the key to most things when it comes to your body and your mind, habits are something we constantly are working towards achieving whether it be creating a new one or changing an old one.  We will cover the topic of BMI, Waist to Hip ratio during our next adventure together. Another terrific topic we will give you advice, tips and information about.

While you are working toward your health goals always remember focus, determination & positive attitude drive us to our finish line of accomplishment.  Then we are ready for our next phase of achievement and along that path without even knowing it we begin to encourage others just from the beaming light, which emanates from the success we achieve.

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