Stress – It’s Going to Happen

Dec 1, 2020 | Health Matters, Sleep, Stress Management

Here’s How to Deal with It

Have you been impatient or short-tempered lately?  Feeling those familiar tight neck muscles and clenched jaw?  How about headaches or trouble falling asleep?

It’s all because of stress. Any time you’re experiencing increased stress, cortisol and other stress hormones are shooting through your body, sending you into the classic fight or flight mode. Your pulse and blood pressure also may be rising and making you may feel agitated.

It’s not a fun way to live and it puts your health and peace of mind at risk.

Here are SIX Tips to Tame Your Stress:

  • Schedule time in every day for the things that are important to you.
  • Stay in touch with the supportive people in your life. Positive connection is key to feeling supported and loved.
  • Try yoga, tai’ chi, qi gong, guided imagery, or deep breathing exercises. Exercise boosts serotonin levels in the brain, leading to decreased stress and anxiety.
  • Give voice to it in a healthy way. Instead of bottling it up or pretending everything is fine, tell someone how you’re feeling and process the reasons. If you can improve the situation, do it. If it’s out of your control, accept it and move on.
  • Don’t overdo it with food, alcohol, or money. It’s easy to get caught up this time of year in the holiday spirit. But when you take in too much or go outside of your financial comfort zone there is always regret and a sense of feeling bad about yourself. Make the best choices you can to avoid the self-blame game later on.
  • Spend some quiet time each night before bed thinking about what you’re grateful for. Use calming music, meditation, or positive self-talk to unwind and get your mind and body ready for bed.

Stress happens.  Learning how to prevent it and reduce its impact when you do experience it is a powerful tool for self-care.

On-the-Spot Stress Relievers:

If you find yourself frustrated anywhere – in a line of traffic, in a virtual meeting or even at mealtime with the kids:

  • Use the time to mentally list off the good things about your day and what you are grateful for.
  • Say a prayer for the people around you who are getting angry or upset.
  • Recite a comforting poem or the lyrics to your favorite song.
  • Notice the small details around you and look for something to make you smile.
  • Breathe deeply and know you’re right where you’re supposed to be at that moment.

You’re doing a great job!

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