Best time to Detox?

Sep 10, 2020 | Detox

That is a great question!!

Although there will be many moments throughout the year that our body signals to us ~we don’t feel right, and please do something to make us feel better.  Certainly when that is primarily how we feel on a regular basis then it is time to cleanse out the toxins.  So we can restore vitality and health back into our organs.

At times even our minds need a detox or cleanse, so we can get back to feeling more positive about our health journey.  Negative thoughts are just as debilitating to our well-being as eating a big fat filled cheese burger with a side of fries and a soda.  Remember to be aware of what we put into our bodies. It directly can either affect us in a positive healthy way or we begin to experience the illness that is developing.

Spring is an excellent time to do a detox after coming out of the season of winter, when we have somewhat been cooped up, surrounded by many invading toxins. Not to mention what kind of toxins develop in our minds from the lack of sunlight, and daylight hours in general being at a minimal amount.  Most of us have our bodies screaming at us for relief and the unfortunate part is some actually just start to feel as if the dis-ease has become the normal way to feel.  When they are unaware or have been misguided on how to actually begin to feel better.

Why not give your body the opportunity to actually feel the optimal health benefits of a detox, remove those unwanted toxins.  Stop making your body work so hard to become healthy, when we eat & drink healthy then our organs do not have to work so hard to process these elements through our body.  It also keeps us more energetic, positive, focused & less anxious, not to mention we sleep more soundly and wake up feeling renewed on a regular basis.

Another fantastic time to do a detox is in the fall, after we have spent the summer months enjoying all the cookouts and other festivities.  We might have altered from our healthy eating regimen. Indulged a little too much in all those goodies which might taste good at the time, but added back on the pounds you work so hard to remove. So fall is a good time to detox the body of unwanted toxins, vitalize those organs to begin fresh. Start to feed your body as if your life depended on it because it does.

Also another reason a fall detox is a wonderful time is so we can prepare our bodies to be fine-tuned and healthy as we begin to head into the season where more people have low level immune systems.  There are a lot more germs which begin filling our airway, so when we clean our bodies on a regular basis and then follow that by eating and drinking healthy, we begin to build strong immune systems and have our organs operating optimally.

The better we feel the stronger our desire is to have that be our standard way of existing and living.  Once we experience the benefits of detoxing, it will become a way of life for us. The healthier we are, the more our quality of life increases. We don’t focus so much on what our age is, we actually begin to enjoy life activities more because we feel stronger, healthier and even wiser.

Learning increases self-esteem-indulge in that meal on a regular basis. As always live healthy and feel better.

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