Creating New Habits In A Day

Jan 10, 2023 | Healthy Living

Your Lasting Lifestyle Routine Overnight

Do You Want Your Habits to Stick? Your change all starts today. When you decide to make a change, be sure to stay in the present. Everyone says that you need to commit to 30 days to create a lasting habit.  So, let’s commit to the habit daily and only evaluate it one week into the future. This way you will stay clear and focused on the change you want to see happen.

Put yourself first and do it for you. How do you learn to teach yourself to put you first?  Know that you are the priority.

Below are four steps to creating your lifestyle routine overnight:

  1. Plan your success weekly. Put your ideas in order and know both your short term and long term end goals.
  2. Keep your habit change simple. Choose one habit at a time to change.
  3. List three ways of how the habit will bring you pleasure. List ten ways by not doing the habit will cause you distress.
  4. Commit to consistency. Practice the habit change daily.

Don’t expect perfection right away. Know there will be bumps along the road and you may need to try the change in different ways before you become successful with the change.

Have fun creating the change you want to see within yourself.

“Creating Wellness Naturally”