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Do you ever wonder why some individuals sleep better than others?

Aug 20, 2019 | Sleep Training

The research today shows up that well over 100 million Americans have chronic sleep deprivation. Can you imagine? WOW!! Just WOW!! That makes for a tremendous amount of chronically tire people walking around in our world.

If we could all just begin to sleep more soundly then we could start to heal. Just think how much you would prosper and heal with eight hours of sleep per night. I don’t know about you, but I love to sleep and awaken rested. There is nothing like going through a day where I am mentally and physically exhausted. This just does not work for me.

Here are some SEVEN TIPS that I do at home to allow me to sleep more soundly:

  1. Exercise daily – cardiovascular and weight regime along with nightly stretching
  2. Nutrition – limited carbohydrates with balanced protein and vegetables
  3. Control Sleep Environment
  4. Temperature of room 68 to 70 degrees F (20 to 21 C)
  5. No clutter in bedroom
  6. No electronic devices in bedroom including television, telephones or computers/iPads.
  7. Humidifier
  8. Air purifier at foot of bed
  9. Light meal before bed
  10. No electronic devices 1 hour before bed
  11. Bedtime Rituals – this signals my body and mind that it is time to sleep and includes: washing face, brushing teeth, lay out gym clothes and work clothes for morning, Meditation/prayer, and listening to soft music at bedtime
  12. Go to bed the same time every night and get up the same time every morning

Let’s all focus on getting more sleep today. Sleep deprivation can cause so many illnesses. If we could just all sleep, life would be so much easier with less stress or more focus. Need support with your sleeping habits. Join our Sleep program TODAY! It will provide you tips on how to sleep more soundly.

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